USDA Loans: Wells and Septic Systems

If you are thinking about getting a USDA loan, make sure that the well or septic system meets USDA loan guidelines.

The distance between the well and the septic system and the home must be verified, if applicable. An FHA Roster appraiser, a government health authority, licensed septic system professional, or a qualified home inspector may perform the septic system valuation.

The separation distances between well and septic tank, the drain field and the property line should comply with HUD guidelines or state well codes. HUD guides state a domestic well must be a minimum of 50’ from the septic tank, 100’ from the septic tank’s drain field and a minimum of 10 feet from any property line.

The appraiser can provide a map if requested by the underwriter.

For any property in which the lender or the FHA Roster appraiser is in doubt about the operation of septic systems for the dwelling or in the neighborhood (e.g. if the property is vacant), the local health authority or state certified laboratory must perform a water quality analysis. The water quality must meet state and local standards.

And finally, if you have questions about the water quality meeting state and local standards, you can contact the EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Hotline at (800) 426-4791.